CR301JF tajima 100ft Chalk Rite Jam Free Extra Bold 1.0mm


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Jam-free technology: The innovative design prevents the braided line from getting tangled or stuck inside the box, ensuring smooth and reliable operation.
Extra-bold line: Similar to the CR201W-P, it features a 1.0mm braided nylon line that produces thick, clear, and accurate snaps for better visibility.
Five-gear drive: This winding system allows for quick and easy line retrieval with minimal effort.
Durable ABS case: The lightweight and strong plastic construction provides long-lasting performance in various working conditions.
Large refill port: Refilling the chalk box is quick and mess-free thanks to the spacious opening.
Snap line pull-through tool: This handy tool helps to clear any line blockages that might occur.
Line comparison gauge: Built-in markings on the box let you compare the chalk line thickness to other marking tools.


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CR301JF tajima 100ft Chalk Rite Jam Free Extra Bold 1.0mm

Availability: 60 in stock