60605X Nailgun Hanger – Blue Packaging


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This hanger works as an accessory to a range of framing nailers, coil nailers and staple guns.

Our durable, high quality hanger will allow you to secure your tool next to you while you work. Don’t waste time lowering your tool to the ground between runs. Or risk it falling and getting damaged while you grab the next board. Work faster and smarter with Tool hangers.

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The Nailgun Hanger – Blue Packaging helps you save time and money by keeping your nail gun within reach. With this hanger you can secure your nail gun to nearby trusses, boards, ladders and scaffolding. The I-joist width hook can secure your nailer to joists up to 2 5/16″ wide.

Accessory for Framing Nailer Models:
Metabo/Hitachi NR90AES
Metabo/Hitachi NR90AF
Accessory for Coil Nailer Models:
Metabo/Hitachi NV90AG
Accessory for Staple Gun Model (with customized hardware):
Hitachi N5008AC
Metabo/Hitachi N5008AC2
Accessory for Tool Models (with customized hardware):
Metabo/Hitachi NR90ADS1 Framing Nailer
Metabo/Hitachi NV45AB2 Coil Nailer


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60605X Nailgun Hanger – Blue Packaging

Availability: 25 in stock